Education isn’t a
privilege, it’s a necessit

Mrs. Indu P. Khandekar established IMPETUS ABACUS & VEDIC MATH CLASSES  in 2011 with an aim to provide education to students struggling with number phobia, leading to lack of self-confidence and listening skills . 

Nowadays kids are having issues with sitting at one place and study. To overcome this WE are the solution.

Abacus will only make your child a genius….because it makes your child think, analyze, relate, imagine, focus, concentrate, build logic, create techniques, apply extraordinary formulas, feel contentment, enjoy confidence and much more.


Available courses

Offline & Online Classes

For 5 yrs to 14 yrs Age Group 

VEDIC MATHS Offline & Online Classes

For 12+yrs Age Group

Teacher Training
Online Classes

for passionate Teachers


Promoting a system where one can get The Way Towards Success

Our beliefs

We IMPETUS COACHING CLASSES are very passionate about children’s education and we firmly believe that there is nothing that shines more than knowledge. Knowledge is wealth

Our Vision

To Build strong foundation by removing fear of Maths and resulting in high Self-Confidence and increased Mental Aptitude . 


Started as a cause has now reached milestones

Impetus Coaching Classes is a premier Coaching Institute situated in Pimple Saudagar that caters to the tutorial needs and career aspirations of students of age group five to sixteen years. The institute commenced in December 2011 with the mission of providing genuine quality education and vision of contributing towards the development of the nation. Since then we have never looked back despite the ups and downs. The head of the Institute (Managing Director), Mrs. Indu Khandekar, M.A. M.Ed is an educationist and a veteran in student psychology.
The institute conducts ABACUS classes for children of age group 5 to 13 years and Vedic Maths for children above 12+ years.

IMPETUS CLASSES  is achieving success every day. What started as a cause has now reached milestones. Our first batch had only 6 students. 

Success stories:
● Till now each year the Institute produces at least 100 students who completes all levels Abacus and Vedic Math, which is a very high ratio considering the limited students per batch.
● Under ABACUS programme till now around 10000 students have graduated with flying colours.
● Impetus Coaching Classes has a very rich tradition of performing excellently in Annual National Level ABACUS Competition. The Institute was twice awarded with Best Franchise in this Competition.

● Analyzing the need of child psychology, WE came up with our own syllabus, books & competitions.
● Impetus Coaching Classes is now a brand who  owns 12+ franchises.

What are our USPs?


Quality training

Our experienced teachers are well known for their quality pedagogy. The books, infrastructure of classes and proper and diligently followed schedules make us different.
We never trade off with the quality of teaching.


Limited students per batch

We do not compromise on this. The number of students in one batch never exceeds 10-15 students.
We know that abacus or vedic maths training requires personal attention of teacher for every student.


Emotionally attached training

Students from 10 year previous batch also remember us. We have deep understanding of child psychology.
All our teachers provide motherly teaching.


Strict examinations

Students are promoted to the next level only after scoring well in the examination.


Feedback to parents

Our teachers are in constant communication with parents.


Competitions held

Competitions are held at national and international level each year


Testament of our quality

Each year our students win number of trophies and prizes at these competitions.


Online and offline

Both modes are available.


Affordable fees

We do not believe in profiteering.


Committed individuals

We treat our job as a service to the nation as we help creating the future leaders and professionals.