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What is the Correct age for Abacus and Vedic Maths?

For Abacus: 6 - 14 Years

For Vedic Maths : 12+ Years

What is the difference between Abacus & Vedic Maths?

Abacus focuses on the basic operations and where as Vedic Maths teaches us small techniques. Also we have to use tool in abacus(either physically or visually) and in Vedic Math your brain is your tool.

Does abacus conflict with School Curriculum?

No. Abacus can be used for the cross verification of your answer derived from school methods.

Does it remove fear of maths in my Kid?

Yes. It does.

What is the application of Abacus in daily life?

Abacus learning leads to better understanding of Math Caculations. It also boosts self confidence and  fine motor skills in Children.

Which one is better Abacus OR Vedic Math?

It depends on the Age. 

How Vedic Math is useful in Competitive exams?

It is more accurate and saves time so many questions can be attempted in less time.